Penerapan Asihema Therapy untuk Menurunkan Tekanan Darah pada Lansia

Devi Hairina Lestari, Diana Pefbrianti, M. Noor Ifansyah


Hypertension becomes a problem in old age, hypertension affect more than 1 bilion people and 13% of total deaths worldwide. The largest disease of death from noncommunicable diseases (NCD) or non-communicable diseases is caused by cardiovascular disease. Hypertension is often asymptomatic so it becomes the silent killer of death and becomes the main cause of the onset of heart disease, stroke and kidney disease . The purpose of this community service is as an effort to reduce blood pressure for the elderly with hypertension and more importantly, it can reduce the risk of hypertension complications. The method carried out is to do a blood pressure check first, then carry out interventions in the form of asihema therapy (listening to asmaul husna, handgrip relaxation, and inhaling aromatherapy). This community service was carried out for the elderly in Astambul Village, Martapura City in coordination with the Astambul health center. The results of the community service carried out showed that after the intervention of asihema therapy there was a decrease in blood pressure. Therefore, long-term management of asihema therapy can help maintain blood pressure stability in the elderly and prevent the risk of complications.


blood pressure, elderly, therapy asihema

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