Penyuluhan Kesehatan tentang Kanker Serviks pada Remaja Putri di MAN 2 Jakarta

Andriati Reny Harwati


Cervical cancer is a malignancy that often occurs in the female reproductive system and the main cause of cancer death in women, especially in developing countries. Cervical cancer is commonly called the silent killer, because it appears without the sufferer being aware of it. Delayed medical treatment can lead to a poor prognosis for healing the disease and cause death in women. Seeing that the impact of this disease is very dangerous, prevention efforts are needed to overcome this problem, one of which is by expanding the scope of health information targets. Where the target coverage does not only focus on women of childbearing age who are married or have had sexual relations but also broaden the target to young women. Women's lack of understanding about this disease can allow them to carry out risky behaviors that can increase the risk of cervical cancer. Therefore, it is necessary to have health education activities to increase the knowledge of young women about cervical cancer and its prevention efforts. Community service activities are carried out at MAN 2 Jakarta. The target of this activity is female students/teenagers. The extension method used is lecture and question and answer discussion. The results obtained from the pre and post test are an increase in knowledge of students about cervical cancer and its prevention efforts. It is hoped that the increased knowledge of young women about cervical cancer can increase awareness in preventing cervical cancer from an early age.


cervical cancer, female adolescents, health education

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