Program Pencegahan Kekerasan Seksual pada Anak dengan Media Pembelajaran di TK PKP JIS Jakarta Timur

Imelda Diana Marsilia, Dina Martha Fitri


Children are the next generation of the nation in the future, of course, they need to get good attention and education so that their potential can be channeled and developed properly, so that they will grow and develop into humans who have various abilities and skills that are beneficial to life. Sex education in children is defined as education about the anatomy of organs that can be continued in sexual reproduction. Based on the various solutions for the activities mentioned above, the output targets to be achieved in this program are formulated, including scientific publications and increasing knowledge of teachers and students. This type of counseling with participatory methods in the Prevention of Sexual Violence in Children with Learning Media for teachers and students at PKP JIS Kindergarten, East Jakarta. The activity was carried out in January at the PKP JIS Kindergarten East Jakarta. The results of a series of community service activities for teachers and students at PKP JIS, Kindergarten, East Jakarta, turned out to be quite satisfying, both mastery of the material that had been given. The participants' understanding was seen during the discussion, KSPA asked and answered. From the results of the questions carried out in the discussion with the participants after being given counseling material, it can be concluded that the KSPA counseling went well, teachers and students looked enthusiastic about the large number of participants who attended and hoped that this activity would continue


children, kindergarten, sexual violenc, sexual education

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